Old Spice’s Mustafa Campaign ROI

Hi welcome back to my post!

This is week 10 and my last post!

So today i’m going to talk about ROI (Return Of Investment) in using social media marketing. We all might wonder, will we gain additional income by promoting in facebook or twitter or any other social media? The answer is yes!

Old Spice is a very good example of ROI in Social Media Marketing

At 2010, some of you might remember the Mustafa Video campaign by Old Spice, its a campaign by Old Spice that send personalised video messages to social media fans and celebrities. Now this campaign is fairly popular even for someone who is not a fan of Old Spice, because its just hilarious.

It all started when Old Spice’s official twitter account says:

“Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into twitter,” it read. “Or maybe the Old Spice man shows up.”

Thanks to Old Spice there has been a mass halt in productivity, because Old Spice man Usaiah Mustafa began collecting questions posted at him on sites like Twitter, Reddit, Yahoo Answers, etc, and answered them with immediate YouTube video responses. All in all, Old Spice wrote and created more than 115 different video responses. And they were consumed like candy.

The content Old Spice created  wasn’t “good enough”, it was remarkable. It set the bar for the kind of social media campaigns that companies can launch on the Web and encouraged brands to be better.

Here is a video of it:

This videos are fun because once you see one you want to see the rest

and here is a video of Usaiah Mustafa commenting back on Perez Hilton and Biz (Co founder of twitter):

Now imagine it if they send a personalized video only for you, won’t that make your day?

So anyway, this Mustafa campaign is VERY succesful, their sales increased by 55% 3 months after its launching, and 27% over 6 months, and at its last month of campaign – Old Spices campaign gain increase of sales up tp 106%
. Not to mentioned their increase in social media graphic – it is huge.

An article at Advertising Age shows a comparison result of Old Spice sales result compared to other man’s body wash during Mustafa Campaign:

Now here we might see that Old Spice gain significant increase at sales and shares, but apparently it is doubled by Gillette in terms of sales. Not sure how Gilette do it, but they ought to have some mean strategy to boost their sales that much.

As you can see by making a unique, fun, and interactive social media marketing campaign, Old Spice managed to achieve increases in sales and not to mentioned fans.

There is only one problem with these results, Old Spice never want to keep things going despite its ongoing popularity at their time. As we know Social Media campaign depends on its sustainable relationship with the customers and Old Spice discard all of it.

Anw if i have recomendation for Old Spice is that they should have keep their ads cause people did not get bored with it, but its their management decision – maybe the cost finally ouweight the gain.

This is my last post, thanks for reading it. Cheers!

Goodbye of Old Spice man:


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8 Responses to Old Spice’s Mustafa Campaign ROI

  1. Della says:

    Oh My God those videos surely make me laugh out loud! 😀
    It’s really entertaining!
    Anyway, I see that Old Spice is better in intangible gain compared to the other brands, although the sales is not that high.
    I think Old Spice needs to make videos that describes more about their products. If they can make people entertained with their video responses, I’m sure they will also be able to create a convincing video about their product. Maybe it could increase their sales as well.

    • triamanlc92 says:

      Hi Della,
      Thank you for your comment, it is true that during the campaign Ols Spice did not describes their product, but in my opinion, it is done to increase the curiousity of the audiences. For example, they told that if they (the audiences) wants to smell like real men, they should use their product – this in their own sense is creating an image of the customer to relate using Old Spice as a real men products, kinda like a cigarette ads in Indonesia where they shows only cool guys or gentleman use their product thus creating the same image to customers.

  2. Hey there!

    I like your point about how a social media campaign relies on the continued relationship between the company and the individual, and that by Old Spice stopping their advertisements with mustafa, they essentially swept away the audience it had gathered. Personally, I think it was the right move, since dragging something like this out could end up hurting the company if it became stale. However you are right, they should have done more to keep the audience they built.

    What do you think they could have done differently?


    • triamanlc92 says:

      Hi Sam, i think you are right that they could risk hurting their company if their campaign kept going. In my opinion, there are no longer anything they can do about the mustafa campaign because it feels like a one time popularity type of advertisement, what they should have done is using the audiance they have gathered to use it as feedback for future operations.

  3. Hi there, This campaign is a classic example of how do create a social media campaign the right way. Do you feel that the effectiveness of this campaign could be replicated by the company to increase future profits?

    Please look at my blog in your free time

    • triamanlc92 says:

      Hi Cassie, i would say that an exact replicate is hard because it requires a great idea with great timing, but yes if they can somehow make another campaign that has phenomenal effects like this one

  4. kappamikez says:

    Hey there triaman, you just got to love this campaign over and over again when you watch the video.
    I personally believe that even though it is quite sad for them that they do not follow up the sustainable relationship that is created through that campaign, they still got the reputation for the people that have watched it. Although it depends on the person, reputation about a specific brand could eventually lead to sales in the future. What do you think about this?

    Thanks a lot
    – Michael

    • triamanlc92 says:

      Hi Mike,
      I think you are absolutely right, when a brand or product gets reputation they can lead to more sales in the future like games for example, a reputable game company will gain more fans and buyers for their popular sequel or new game. Although Old Spice gain a lot of fans and their sales boost up a during a period of time, it did not guarentee that the audience will stay, what happens here is Old spice did not keep that audience by redirecting them into new direction (new campaign or new activities) to make the audiences grow – Old spice just abandoned them, and this is not a great move because a social media based marketing must keep going on as it is the advantages of using it

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