Grand Theft Auto V: Social Media Monitoring

Hi welcome back to my blog!

Week 9 assignment needs me to use and comments on social media monitoring tools.

So what is social media monitoring tools? According to my lecturer its free/paid tools that allow you to track and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time.

I need to focus on a product,  so i decide on using rockstar’s new flagship game: Grand Theft Auto V to see how well its doing on twitter.

To measure how well its doing at twitter, i use a free twitter monitoring tools called Topsy.

Topsy offers a very simplistic home screen that almost resemble Google search engine which in my opinion, is great compared to other monitoring tools which in my opinion is over complicated.

To use it i simply input name of brand, organization, person, or things i want to search, in this case i search “Grand Theft Auto V”


At the top bar, there is a standard search and sort options, and the gear on the right side of sorting is an addtional option for advanced search or sharing options. At the left side are result customizing tools that allows us to adjust time range, contents we want to see (links, video, tweets, etc), and results in another language. It can also sorted the result according to Twitter account that gives most influence over the trends, which means you could know which person is influencing people about your brand whether its about good or bad things! Another useful features is Topsy put statistic result about how many people are tweeting about the topic and trends analytics result on a small section at top of the page The design is simple yet usefull, i found this to be user friendly and add some degree of interest and insight, in my opinion Topsy manages their design especially white spaces very well.

Some things i notice while using Topsy are first, GTA V actually break the record of reaching $1Billion in sales by only 3 days, that is impressive, I mean they reach break-even point in 1 day. Second, people seems to like sharing their achievement in game for some reason. Third, There are a lot of Spanish people tweeting about GTA V, maybe it can be a potential target? Last and not least, the most activities happens on twitter, is when the game is launching and it starts going down very quick, and its mostly tweets about people that has buy the game, and rarely complaints about the game, so maybe they create a really good game.

I don’t really have suggestion for GTA V, its already achieving beyond the expectation.

Its the end of my post this week, cheers.


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10 Responses to Grand Theft Auto V: Social Media Monitoring

  1. Nice blog post! I am not surprised how popular GTA V is on twitter due it being a highly anticipated game and also breaking the media sales record. It seems to be the game that everyone is talking about currently and therefore that would be the reason the twitter results are so high for it.

    • triamanlc92 says:

      Yes its popular by business people because it gain such huge sales only by 3 days, but the reason its also popular is apparantly because the game itself is interesting, i see some videos on youtube and there are even sharks in the sea and ghost in the mountain.

  2. Nice blog! This game has just broken all sales record because of its quality, its originality but also because of the previous one: GTA IV, 25 million of sales and reached the billion after one week. Do you think that with such a big success, they really need to have effective ads policy or they just let social media platforms create such a big fuss?

    • triamanlc92 says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment, sorry for the late reply, i got swarmed by due dates

      In my opinion, they still need an effective ads policy, no matter how good or wellknown the company, wrong ads can destroy its image. And ads policy is one thing they can control by their own (reach new market, etc), while social media is not manipulable and only fans would go their social media page accounts.

      So i think they should have an ad policy and not only depends on social media to make them famous.

  3. Max says:

    Hi there! Great post you have here. You really can learn a lot about your product and the market using this tool. Cheers!

  4. Della says:

    Oh, this game.
    I couldn’t agree more. Even without monitoring tools, people around me always talk about GTA V.
    Well, since you said that GTA V already beyond expectation, what do you think they use monitoring tools for? Just for seeing the world talking about them or do you have any other opinion?

    • triamanlc92 says:

      Yes Della this game is really popular right now hahhahha, well doing good or not it is important to monitor how they are doing. Imagine if you are Rockstar, you might want to see how your product is doing in the market and some audiences might help giving ideas for the game development or simply managing problems if it does come out.

  5. chrischen346 says:

    Hello. It is a nice blog.

    I know this game is popular, but I don’t notice that the game break the record of media sales. I think Social Media Monitoring is great tools that can not only help companies to do marketing research, but also help us to know what people talk about on internet. Anyway, you really did a good job in this blog. I am really enjoyable, keep on it. Cheers!

    And here is my blog, please feel free to leave comment. Thanks.

    • triamanlc92 says:

      Hi Chris,
      Yes the game break a world sales record and their profits on this game is still rising as we speak now. I agree with you Chris, we can learn a lot of things about how well our brands or products are doing on the net and furthermore we can also learn about how our competitors are doing. Thank you for your comment Chris!

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