How did multi-national company uses social media

Hi, welcome back to my post! This is week 8 and i am aiming to make a better post from now on!

This week assignment give me the task:

“This week’s activity requires you to select an organisation from the Professional Services Sector (e.g. accounting, advertising and marketing, architecture, management consulting, engineering, IT, legal, and scientific research services).

For your chosen organisation  identify and discuss how they are using a blog, twitter, or a wiki to enhance their business. Make connections to the relevant value levers associated with implementing Enterprise 2.0 as published by McKinsey Global Institute, 2012. You should not copy any case examples directly (word for word) from the McKinsey report or from any other source. This must be your own writing and your own creative input. Hint: this week’s reading may be useful for this activity.”

In short, i need to find professional services company and discuss how they are using social media related to McKinsey…. AGAIN.

After thinking for sometime, i remember my friend who works in Deloitte, so i am going to use it as this assignment company of choice 😀

So what is Deloitte? For those who doesn’t know, it’s a multinational company that has branches over 15 countries and 193.000 employees, Deloitte specialised in performing audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk, and financial advisory services.

Deloitte is the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and has 193,000 employees in more than 150 countries providing audit, tax, consulting,enterprise risk and financial advisory services.

Proving to be a really successful company Deloitte has been using social media to stay ahead in the competitions. They use a lot social media to interact from facebooktwitteryoutubeLinkedlnRSS, and Blog, but to relate with these assignment i will only discuss how they uses wikis, blogs, and twitter.

After intensive hours of googling and trying out their social media pages, i noticed several things on how they used each of their social media.

They create multiple pages to handle their customers in multiple countries under the name Deloitte <name of country> it is mostly used to promote events around the countries or events that they hosted and contacting with alumni from their universities (yes they have their own universities).

How they uses wiki:

Unfortunately Deloitte doesn’t uses wiki, it is probably because they are such a big company that they think creating wiki may cause security problem. Although, i cannot find any solid reason in the internet, but i think someone inside Deloitte surely have the ideas of creating wiki, but it is somewhat for internal uses only, as for the security reason. But although they don’t use wiki, i think it is enough to gain publicity and building identity in internet by using facebook, twitter, linkedin, blog, and youtube.

How they uses Blog:

Deloitte uses blog intensively, they create multiple blogs for different countries to access and maintained all of it quite regularly. They have 6 blogs alone in US, each with different themes to discuss, such as Deloitte approach on health solutions, Deloitte green business, Deloitte mid-market perspective, and etc.

Deloitte invest a lot of resources into blogs and the discussions held in their blogs are also great.

By doing this, Deloitte gain more than publicity and fame in the internet, they also gain feedbacks from multiple sources including their clients.

I would say Deloitte really make a great choice in using blogs.

How they uses twitter:

Deloitte uses twitter in the same way most big company uses it. Deloitte mostly tweets about business related things from trends, solutions, etc.

Deloitte makes use of twitter by making multiple account and discuss different topics, for example, Deloitte Tech tweets about emerging technologies most of their time while Life at Deloitte features the experiences of professionals at Deloitte.

There are a lot of Deloitte’s account and i cannot list them all, but some of them are pretty interesting if you want to check it out.

What KcKinsey Levers are used:

In my opinion, levers that are used are:

  1. Marketing and sales: although they did not use it explicitly to sell their services, it is clear that they are using it for market research and customer insight and marketing communication.
  2. Customer care: It can be seen from how they answer business questions on each of their blogs and twitters.
  3. Enterprise-wide level: blogs and twitters are being used for collaborations and communications

I think thats it for this week..

So what do you think about it? Please comment if you have the time.

Thank you for reading! See you next time


Deloitte announces revenue results of US$31.1 billion

Deloitte official website

List of Deloitte Blog

Deloitte Tech

Life at Deloitte AU


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4 Responses to How did multi-national company uses social media

  1. Tom says:

    Good article but try to avoid a wall of words in your posts by breaking it up with some images.

    #346class13 on Twitter to discuss further and check out my current posts.

  2. Della says:

    I’m interested in how Deloitte uses Blog by separating the themes. But I’m kind of curious of why they’re doing it like that? Unless each theme is private, why don’t they make one blog and separating it into categories, or maybe creating a forum? Just an opinion to make it simpler and still integrated with each other 🙂

    • triamanlc92 says:

      They are doing it because Deloitte have a lot of audiences in different countries with different needs, it is important for them to cater for their audiences in suitable ways for each of them. Many big companies also seperated their twitter account or blogs to make things like language barrier become easier. It is possible to make it into one forum but it will be to hard to control, as there will be many different language and opinion to accept. What i see Deloitte did here is more of divide and conquer strategy

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