Global Oneness Project – Social Media Lever by McKinsey

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Today, i am going share my opinion on how McKinsey value lever is implemented in a non-profit organisation.

Our center of discussion will be Global Oneness Project.

Global Oneness Project is a non-profit organisation found by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee that focus on creating a free online magazine with topics that connect culture, ecology, and beauty. Global Oneness Project also feature diverse and dynamic voices from around the world through their collection of films, photography, and essays.

McKinsey value lever is demonstrated in the area of executing mission, specifically in educating the public.

Global Oneness Project is spreading the knowledge through their films, photography, and essays for educators to implement it in a curriculum that enforce global themes, environmental issues, or multi-cultural awareness. An example of video they make is ‘Yukon Kings’, its a video depicting how fisherman Ray Waska who lives in a remote Alaskan Yukon Delta teaches his grandkids to fish summer salmon run and how environmental and cultural forces are threatening their existence way of life, and Ray’s hope that what he has teach his grandsons will be passed for generations.

Many of Global Oneness Project’s literature has documented beautiful and enchanting part of the world. Ever since 2006 they have travelled around the world, exploring foreign regions which shows movement in the fields of health, sustainability, social justice, and religious tolerance.

There are a lot of McKinsey value lever that are also shown in Global Oneness Project. They have shown that they are gathering informations and insights from their articles, videos, photos, and essays. They have also shown their value in mobilising resources where they create and expend volunteer network, some of  their works are created by the help of volunteers that empathise with causes.

Global Oneness Projects is a great non-profit organisation that wants the world to see other parts of the world in different kind of perspective. And they are an exemplary organisation to be used to shows how McKinsey value lever is being implemented.

In case you want to see their website and missed the link i left up there.

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2 Responses to Global Oneness Project – Social Media Lever by McKinsey

  1. Della says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. It’s really interesting.
    Your selection and description about Global Oneness matches The McKinsey value levers area you’ve mentioned. It fits perfectly.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but do they use fundraising as well? This is also one of the McKinsey levers.
    Because I saw the website that they have a link to donation. Can you go through that, please? 🙂

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