Unilever: McKinsey Value Lever

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This week’s topic is about McKinsey value levers and i’m supposed to choose one company and discuss the major benefits and value levers which is associated with implementing enterprise 2,0.

The value lever i want to discuss is product development. Here i will show a company that by implementing enterprise 2.0 successfully involved and integrated their customer’s ideas into their new product development.

I will use Unilever as my example.


Story is, this big multi-national company starts to invest 148 million Euro back in 2009 for advertising their brands through social media, and the higher up there has this brilliant idea where they thought “Hey instead of racking our brain what to develop next, why don’t we use social media to asked our customer directly what they want?”. And so they went with this idea, and it was a huge success.

They first try this with their lynx in UK and US, then as they get more confidence they start to use it on their other products such as Magnum, Pot Noodle, their hair products ,etc.

Unilever did this by making an invite-only only community from their customer, why invite only? My guess is to limit unnecessary spam or they just want it to be a small dedicated group. Next, they start to collect ideas from this group of customers and select the best 16 to carried out their market research and discussions. Finally, the idea from these enthusiastic users was turned into a product by Unilever.

So what happens here is Unilever involves their customers in the development of their products and it works! It reduce costs in market research and since it is done online, all sorts of people are able to join and chances are there will be a lot of unique ideas.

Here is all for today, see you next time! 😀


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