Make the Most of Web 2.0

For those who read my first post, thank you very much 😀


We enjoy using facebook, twitter, instagram, gmail, youtube, etc for fun – but do you know that web 2.0 is not limited to only these websites? Do you know that there are a lot of untapped potential  in Web 2.0?

There are a lot of good things it can do to help us – even personally.

So here are three things i think web 2.0 can do to assist our personal productivity:

1. Storage 

Don’t kid yourself by saying “Keeping data isn’t important…” cause IT IS IMPORTANT.

The better you know the better you are – keeping documents intact are useful therefore a lot of web 2.0 provides storage services.

After searching and registering into some services that provide this particular feature i finally found some that in my opinion is quite good!

The first one is the infamous Google Docs!


So what does Google Docs do? Easy! You upload your files there – documents, musics, pictures, even videos and they will store it for you till the end of world! (Or until google goes bankrupt or something)

Its easy to use and can be accessed anywhere which makes you like a walking databank

And of course there are a lot of other popular storage service such as dropbox etc which also makes a great substitutes 😀

The second one is called!


This is quite a unique way of using web 2.0.

So here you can add web link from your bookmarked page and it will be shared to others there.

You can see what link is popular and is bookmarked by a lot of people.

In other words, its a place to store, share, and find great pages!

2. Planning 

You cannot call yourself being productive if you didn’t know when to do what you supposed to do.

There are a lot of things you can store in your mind but not all. So here i found Google Calendar may helped us!


Google Calendar synced your calendar from your other social media to create a time table for you (never again forget birthdays!). You can create event, task, and even reminder! It has nice interface and is also easy to use.

Moreover, google calendar supports mobile platform thus giving a more flexible options for people that didn’t have time to open their computer.

3. New Ideas

You might be thinking “Can web 2.0 really help me get new ideas??” the answer is yes.

You might be familiar with mind mapping, it is a really famous technique which is used by people to map an idea and generate or improve idea.

I have been taught to used this technique once to create and presents ideas to one bank in Indonesia – and the result is quite satisfying.

Mind mapping is easy to used but it might take a lot of physical space and it has to be interactive, so here comes Mindomo, an online mind mapping service that is easy to used and can be shared everywhere!


Mindomo is used by thousands of people everyday, and it is a great addition to increase our efficiency. By understanding how our mind works we can work more efficiently – and mindomo might gives you that solution.

And of course you can get new ideas from other source, even just light browsing or watching videos might gives you new inspiration – cause idea is free 🙂

Whew… its the end of my post this week and i hope this gives you a new perspective on using web 2.0 to increase your productivity

Thank you for reading my post, have good day!


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8 Responses to Make the Most of Web 2.0

  1. Hellen says:

    Thank you for sharing these great Web 2.0 tools, I found Delicious and Mindomo really useful and I will make use of them in future!
    In regards to bookmarking sharing website, I have also recommended one in my post, a website for image and video sharing/bookmarking, Pinterest.
    Visit my blog post at: if you would like to know more.

  2. James says:

    I think what a lot of Web 2.0 boils down to is desktop applications online. The ability to share and edit documents, calendars, presentation, and the rest of these web apps seem mostly like the evolution of their offline predecessors. In regards to delicious, you may be interested in Reddit.


  3. I really enjoyed looking at some of these web 2.0 tools you have been looking at. Google Calendars will be particularly helpful for me. Please let me know what you think about the ones I have reviewed on my blog post if you have time 🙂

  4. fannyyuwono says:

    Hi triamanlc92! Yes I am from Indonesia 🙂 Good to know there’s other Indonesian here as well.

    And good stuffs you have there! I personally use google docs and google calendar for my everyday use and found them pretty useful and they help me to be more productive in so many ways. I’ve never tried Mindomo before though, it seems interesting. Will definitely try that later! Thanks for the information!

  5. Ben M. says:

    These are all incredibly useful tools!
    I’m a visual learner, so seeing things in the form of a mind map really appeals to me. I’m going to check it out. Do you have any tips for using mindomo effectively?

    • triamanlc92 says:

      yes mind mapping is a good way for visual learner to study.

      I would suggest you to try using it as often as possible until you get used to it first.
      The most important thing is to understand the concept of it to make it work. If you find mindomo is too hard too use, you can start mind mapping using paper, then move on to mindomo because it is actually more complex.

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