Blogging Your Way Up


My first post in this blog is dedicated to the chicken that faces fear and shows bravery.

How do we get a blog to rise up in rank? How do we make it so popular that people notices it?

I have Three points that in my opinion all popular blog shares.

First rule of blogpedia! MAKE IT INTERESTING!


How we define interesting is different for each person. Each person have a different taste as what is interesting for them. That’s why its important to know your reader and makes it interesting for them.

There are several ways to pull people into your blog: follow the trend, make a specialized blog, add interesting moments, or commercialize your blog.

I think there are still lot of ways to make a heart-capturing blog that I still haven’t mentioned because i don’t know it. What do you think?

Second rule of blogpedia! MAKE IT COMFORTABLE TO READ!


All popular blogs I have read share the same characteristics which is easy on the eye. A blog needs to be simple and comfortable to be read by its reader, and that’s what some of the less popular blog have missed.

If you are confused whether your blog is comfortable or not, try ask for outside opinion or try to read your own blog from a third party perspective.

Third and last rule of awesome blogpedia!! MAKE AND MAINTAIN CONNECTION WITH OTHER BLOGGERS!


Blogging is like socializing, the more people you know the merrier your blog will be.

Veteran blogger will most likely have a link of other people’s blogs in their own page which in return will also promote his/her blog.

As you read other people blog, you will learn new stuff and it can be used to make yours even better!

To sum up here is the three things that i think makes a successful blog: Interesting, comfortable, and connection!

You may be asking that i say all that but really can you give me some example? i would recommend you to check


Themovieblog is one of the blogs that i like, mainly because i like to watch movies and this blog gives a pretty good review. It gives a pretty detailed explanation of the movies and it seems that the bloggers makes some research before they actually post it.Furthermore, this blog is nice to see, its easy to navigate and it categorized the movies pretty neatly. Although i find the ads are annoying but the contents are interesting enough to make me read it.

Here is the end of my post, i hope you find it interesting, better yet it help you 😀


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This wordpress is purely for acedemic purpose :D
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3 Responses to Blogging Your Way Up

  1. lancebethune says:

    Cute. Interesting in itself, but definitely cute

  2. Della says:

    Hi Tri!
    I like your post! Your words are easy to be understood ,advicing-like, and straight to the point.
    It feels like you are some kind of consultant 😀
    Keep up the good work!


  3. Hi Triaman!
    Nice blog !! I like the title of your blog, its quite chill and relevant with the topic of the assignment. I also like your simple way to write the blog and the set up of attractive pictures are good !!

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